Olizzi Olive Oils Makes a Successful Debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC

Olizzi Olive Oils Makes a Successful Debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC

At the end of June, Olizzi Olive Oils embarked on an exciting journey as we made our first appearance at the Summer Fancy Food Show in Javits Center, in the heart of New York City, USA. Our team met with numerous global and national brands during the event, and we're thrilled to report that the exhibition proved to be incredibly fruitful for us. 

Our products are proudly crafted in Türkiye, and our operational footprint extends to a production facility in Akhisar and an export office in Izmir. We also maintain an import office in New Jersey and distribution network in the United States. Reflecting on our participation, we are confidently envisioning an expanded retail presence for our products, a direct consequence of the show's success. This success will be an important step in strengthening Olizzi's presence in the international market.


Your New Favorite Olive Oil and the Secret That Elevates All Dishes

Olizzi Olive Oils provides value-added and curated olive oil products for health-conscious individuals. With a deep passion and excitement for this miraculous superfood olive oil, Olizzi is dedicated to discovering its many health and nutritional advantages, learning the right usage tips and supporting consumers to choose high-quality extra virgin olive oil worldwide. At Olizzi, we strive to promote Türkiye’s best extra virgin olive oil products on a global scale.

Türkiye is one of the leading countries in terms of olive oil production volume. However, Olizzi Olive Oils' founder, Ece Er Aydın, noticed that Turkish olive oil wasn't fully utilizing its potential. As a marketer, she decided to create a young, dynamic, energetic, happy, colorful, smart, and sincere global olive oil brand while living in Los Angeles in 2018, to promote Türkiye’s high-quality extra virgin olive oil products with a global vision. Today, Olizzi is available for sale in Türkiye, the United States, and Japan. Ece aims to present extra virgin olive oil to the world for a healthy future, embracing sustainable production principles.


Where to Find Olizzi Olive Oils?

In the USA, you can buy Olizzi Olive Oils from our USA website, Erewhon Market, Wally's Wine & Spirits, The Cheese Store, and the online platform Amazon USA.

In Türkiye, you can find Olizzi Olive Oils in select stores and restaurants as well as our Türkiye website.

In Japan, you can buy through Japan Airlines and Olizzi Japan website.

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