Rich Nutritional Value & Superior Taste

​​From farm to the tables, a high quality olive oil requires care and passion. Our olive people know how to handpick olives without harming, while still being fast. It is a costly choice, but it delivers the best quality. 

After handpicking, we immediately cold press within 24 hours to get the lowest acidity and the highest concentration of great nutritional content with antioxidants. 

We filter our olive oil to eliminate unwanted substances, and store in chrome tanks. They are just the juice of olives, without any preservatives or chemical processing. As a result, our products are awarded for their superior taste and quality by worldwide known competitions.

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Why Special Olive Oil for Babies?

Olive oils are classified according to chemical and sensorial analyses. Apart from the FFA (Free Fatty Acidity) level and other chemical values that need to be satisfied, an extra virgin olive oil should also undergo sensorial analyses.

According to International Olive Council; an extra virgin must have no defects and must satisfy certain levels of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. Adults usually prefer and enjoy the bitter finish of early harvested extra virgin olive oil, as well as fruitiness. However, this specialty of early harvest may not be preferable by babies and kids. 

Knowing that extra virgin olive oil is a great ingredient in a baby’s diet, the priority here should be to use a cold-pressed product that they actually enjoy consuming. We harvest Olizzi Baby Organic in November, and cold-press after handpicking. Our processes deliver us a great amount of fruitiness and a smooth taste that babies enjoy!

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Our Story with the Ultimate Superfood

The founder of Olizzi, Ece, has worked in Marketing and Strategic Consulting fields in different food related businesses.

Living the Mediterranean way, as an engineer experienced in Marketing, she observed different cultures and decided to introduce the greatest quality of extra virgin olive oil to the world in a new and exciting way.

Ece strongly believes that “You are what you eat” and she is a real food enthusiast! That’s why she is very passionate about olive oil – the ultimate superfood and the best ingredient of all – and all the superfoods that work miracles in our bodies!