The Ultimate Hangover Cure? Investigating the Olive Oil Shot Phenomenon

The Ultimate Hangover Cure? Investigating the Olive Oil Shot Phenomenon

The Ultimate Hangover Cure? Investigating the Olive Oil Shot Phenomenon

Ah, the dreaded hangover – that morning-after reminder of last night's revelry. We've all been there, desperately searching for the holy grail of hangover cures. But what if I told you that the answer might lie in something as simple as olive oil?

Enter Benny Blanco, the maestro behind countless hits and, apparently, a hangover guru. In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Blanco dropped a bombshell: a shot of olive oil could be the ultimate hangover buster. Intrigued? In the Mediterranean, we Turks also know that our elders drink olive oil before enjoying raki (a traditional Turkish alcoholic beverage). In fact, it is not common in raki culture to drink only the raki; it is always accompanied by mezzes prepared with olive oil. This way, drinking raki turns into a long-lasting gastronomic festivity, and olive oil and olive oil dishes play a significant role in this tradition.

Blanco's tale of discovery traces back to a chance encounter with some wise Italians who swore by this age-old remedy. Their secret? A shot of olive oil before diving into the night's libations – a claim so bold it's almost too good to be true.

But Blanco wasn't content with mere words – he put his theory to the test, enlisting Fallon to join him in a pre-drinking olive oil ritual. The result? Well, they didn't report back, but the idea was intriguing enough to warrant further investigation.

And investigate, we did. Turns out, there might just be some method to Blanco's madness. Dushan Zaric, co-founder of Employees Only LA, weighed in, extolling the virtues of lemon juice and cold-pressed virgin olive oil as the ultimate hangover-fighting combo. According to Zaric, this dynamic duo works wonders, with lemon juice alkalizing the body and olive oil coating the stomach, slowing down alcohol absorption.

But not everyone's convinced. The Association of UK Dietitians poured cold water on the theory, dismissing the idea of "lining your stomach" as nothing more than a myth. According to them, while olive oil might delay stomach emptying slightly, its effects on alcohol absorption are minimal at best.

Despite the lack of scientific consensus, support for Blanco's olive oil shot abounds, with TikTok users and Mediterranean traditions standing as a testament to its potential efficacy.

So, is Benny Blanco onto something? The jury's still out, but one thing's for sure: when it comes to hangovers, sometimes the most unlikely remedies hold the key.

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